ConsultAndes serves over thirty clients across the range of Peru's business sectors. While the majority of our clients are multinational (American, Canadian, British, Australian, Japanese, Swiss, and Spanish), we also serve several market-leading Peruvian companies. Our clients are drawn principally from the following sectors: 

  • Mining - major foreign and national mining concerns, as well as juniors;

  • Energy - power generation and distribution, as well as oil and gas;

  • Finance - banking, insurance, and private pension firms;

  • Agro-Export - a leading producer and exporter expanding rapidly

  • Fishing - a major national company producing fishmeal, fishoil and fish products for the export market;

  • Construction - top-rank international and national firms delivering services to major projects and operations

  • Information Technology - a leading software, hardware and services client;

  • Industrial Services - automobile parts, heavy machinery, manufacturing, and office supplies;

  • Telecommunications - competitive service providers, including long-distance and mobile;

  • Others - industry associations, corporate recruiting firms, security companies, and more.