Our Services

ConsultAndes offers a broad spectrum of client services. The following is a list of our primary activities. There are many other areas where we can help, and we are always looking for new challenges. If you need something outside of our competency, we will refer you to someone capable of delivering the results that you seek.

Executive Advisory

ConsultAndes works closely with client management, domestically and in their home countries, to support activities in Peru. We provide strategic-advisory services, including support in strategic planning, to Peru-based CEOs, General Managers, and other executives. We also brief corporate management on country- and industry-related issues, as well as advising on company crises and other significant matters of concern to our clients in Peru. Our regular, insightful reports assist our clients in understanding current market conditions and in anticipating future challenges.

As an additional service to our clients, we host monthly group meetings with senior government policymakers, general managers of top companies, economic and political analysts, and other figures of interest. These meetings have the added benefit of giving clients networking opportunities, as well as allowing them to address common problems and to pursue business-development opportunities in an informal setting.